Jung Somin “I promised to visit Lee Joon. I will visit him soon.”


Jung Somin, who recently starred in ‘Because This Is My First Life,’ promised to pay a visit to Lee Joon.

In a recent interview, Jung Somin mentioned her former partner Lee Joon, with whom she co-starred in KBS drama ‘My Father Is Strange.’ Lee Joon is currently serving his duty in the army, and Jung Somin said, “I have to visit him since I promised him. I didn’t have time because I began shooting ‘This Is My First Life’ right away.”

She added, “I think actors who have time will go together. We still have a group chat for ‘MyFather Is Strange.’ Lee Mido would share articles about Lee Joon in the military. I think we’ll visit him soon.”

In ‘My Father Is Strange,’ Lee Joon played an idol-turned-actor Ahn Junghui, and Jung Sominplayed Byeong Miyeong, the youngest daughter in the Byeon family.

[Image source: Jung Somin Instagram]