Jung Somin Found It Hard To Play A Dad


[by Kim Youngjae] Jung Somin went for a totally new kind of acting experience.

On April 5, Kim Hyunghyup director, Yoon Jemoon and Jung Somin held a press conference for movie ‘Dad is Daughter’ in Megabocx COEX in Gangnam, Seoul.
On that day, Jung told the reporters about her double role, ‘’Doyeon is a high school student going through puberty, a time of rebellion, so I felt like I could understand her on plenty of points. However, being a dad is an indirect experience that I never had so it felt like playing mom and dad the whole time.’’

She added, ‘’I studied a lot for this role but I couldn’t help worrying more and more, it was troublesome. I fell for it when I approached it the way kids approach playing house.’’

‘Dad is Daughter’ is a body change comedy that sees a dad and his daughter exchange bodies one morning and find out about the other’s life but also feelings. It’s the first production of Kim Hyunghyup.

Meanwhile, ‘Dad is Daughter’ will hit Korean theaters on April 12. (photo by Kimchi Ent)



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