JUNG JOONYOUNG, “Did you miss me?” [Two Days and One Night]


It took almost four months for Jung Joonyoung to come back to ‘Two Days and One Night’. 

On the day of his comeback, Joonyoung, looking somewhat pale and drawn, had the opening by himself because he had to accomplish a mission before he finally gets to see the members.

The members have to call out Joonyoung‘s name for 30 times during the day. The thing is that they are not aware of the mission! And, Joonyoung has to keep climbing until the members call out his name for 30 times!

Not as well as he’d hoped, his name was mentioned only a few times. Not soon after he started climbing, he desperately asked the staff, “Did they call out my name yet? You sure?”


Could he be able to meet his brothers hopefully this week?

[Two Days and One Night]

Showtime : Sun 19:40 | Re-run: Mon 02:30, 10:30 l Fri 02:50, 13:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)