Jung Jin Woon Takes a Leap as a Solo After He Moved to Mystic


[by Woorim Ahn] Jung Jin Woon announced to release a new album in June.

On June 2, his agency Mystic Entertainment disclosed his teaser image and delivered such news.

In the teaser, he appealed his chic and masculine charms and raised the fans’ anticipations for the new album’s concept and mood.

Mystic Entertainment said, “Jung Jin Woon will begin to be a solo artist for real by releasing his first album. He is currently on the final stage of his album.” After he moved his agency to Mystic, the mass public is paying attention to his musical change.

As he formed a band called Jung Jin Woon Band, he continued his career as a vocalist. Moreover, he appeared in JTBC ‘Madame Antoine’ and showed stable acting abilities to prove his talents as an all-around entertainer.

Meanwhile, further information of Jung Jin Woon’s new album will be disclosed in consecutive orders through Mystic’s official SNS. (photo by Mystic Entertainment)

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