Jung Eun Ji Successfully Made Her Solo Debut


[by Bae Jung Yun] Jung Eun Ji Successfully completed her solo debut stage with ‘Hopefully Sky’.

On April 18, she released her first solo album ‘Dream’ and swept the music chart with the title song ‘Hopefully Sky’. Continually, on April 21, she performed her debut stage on Mnet ‘M Countdown’, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

Jung Eun Ji, who released her first solo album after five years since her debut, proved her singing ability as an idol representative vocalist by performing as Apink. She captured the listeners’ eyes and ears by showing her differentiated image through her solo debut stage.

She also participated in song writing and lyric writing of the title song and recognized her ability as a singer songwriter. She successfully positioned herself differently compared to other solos from the girl group.

Moreover, she included her real memory with her father and expressed it with beautiful lyrics. Her heartwarming cordiality toward fathers in the recent generation delivered well to them.

Her solo debut stage, which had the atmosphere of lyrical music, was also impressive.

She reproduced her childhood village, where she could see the biggest star, on ‘M Countdown’, thrilling feeling that was full of pink color from the music video with a cherry blossom tree on ‘Show! Music Core’ and spring like atmosphere by managing the stage surrounded by roses on ‘Inkigayo’.

Her solo debut stage video ranked in the popular music chart of NAVER TV Cast by reaching 200,000 views and showed its great popularity.

The title song is a folk pop genre song that delivers touching message to fathers in the recent generation with her warm voice and emotion. She delivered the resonant for listeners with the quiet charge and comfort message.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji will continue her active performance with her new song ‘Hopefully Sky’. (photo by Plan A Entertainment)

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