Jung Eun Ji Is Featured in Hanhae’s New Single


[by Woorim Ahn] Hanhae and Jung Eun Ji announced to make a special collaboration work.

On August 11, Hanhae’s agency Brand New Music said, “He will release a duet song called ‘Summer, Ice Cream’ with Jung Eun Ji on August 18 at midnight. ‘Summer, Ice Cream’ is a moody hip-hop song that love relationship was melted down into keywords such as summer and ice cream. Please anticipate for it.”

In particular, Jung Eun Ji proved her abilities as an able solo artist recently through various collaboration works. Since it is her first work with a hip-hop artist, the fans are paying attention to the outcome.

Meanwhile, ‘Summer, Ice Cream’ will be out on August 18 at midnight. (photo by Brand New Music)

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