JJ Project Set to Have New Song Release After 5 Years ‘Tomorrow, Today’ on 31st

[by Ent Team] JJ Project released a teaser ahead of their comeback.
Ahead of JJ Project’s new album ‘Verse 2’ to be released on the 31st, JB’s visual teaser was first released, raising anticipation.
JYP Entertainment (hereafter JYP) released JJ Project member JB’s personal teaser image and cinemagraph teaser on the company official homepage and SNS channel on the 25th.
Through his personal teaser image, JB showed various charms grabbing attention. Looking ahead with a mellow gaze, showing a rising masculine beauty in the black and white image along with his nimble side profile. Also, lifting the camera with his characteristic eye smile he captures your gaze.
His personal teaser can be called a zoom-in teaser as it is a cinemagraph teaser. In the released teaser, JB is sitting in a forest with a gentle breeze, giving off a mysterious and peculiar feeling, amplifying the curiosities towards the new album ‘Verse 2’ in the process.
In addition, JJ Project’s new album after 5 years, ‘Verse 2’ will be released at 12pm on the 31st, and the title song is ‘Tomorrow, Today’.
The lyrics of ‘Tomorrow, Today’ were co-written by the head of JYP Park Jin Young, JB and Jinyoung, and Lee Woomin as well as Mayu Wakisaka who composed Twice’s ‘Knock Knock’ also composed this song. Not only that, but the two members participated in writing the lyrics and composing all 8 tracks of the album, showing their musical growth.
JJ Project started in 2012, with JB and Jinyoung in their teens showing cheerful and bright energy. After 5 years passed, they are now in their 20s, through the group GOT7, the two members have set their place as top idols, and their reunion is becoming a focus of the music industry as people wonder about what changes and growth they will show.
Meanwhile, JJ Project’s new album ‘Verse 2’ will be released on the 31st. (photo by JYP Entertainment)
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