‘Jisook’s Table For One’ Jisook is an amazing chef! [Jisook’s Table For One]


Jisook of RAINBOW shows off her cooking skills to the audience.

‘Jisook’s Table For One’ held an event celebrating its premiere, and the winners of the event are invited to the studio where Jisook cooks for them. Jisook creates a friendly atmosphere with her wits and humors. On top of everything, the dish she makes amazes everyone at the scene!

Jisook is already well-known for her awesome talents for many things including cooking, photography, games and car maintenance.

‘Jisook’s Table For One’ is a cooking show where Jisook presents her own recipes as well as cooking tips from professional chefs, especially for the solo eaters who enjoy eating alone.

The show premieres today on KBS WORLD, so stay tuned for some simple yet amazing recipes!

[Jisook’s Table For One]

Showtime : Fri 15:00 | Re-run: Fri 19:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)