Ji Chang Wook Was Already A Gamer


[by Lee Hoo Rim / Photo by Jo Hee Sun] Ji Chang Wook entered in synch with his character.


On January 31, the team of movie ‘Fabricated City’ gathered at Wangsimni’s CGV to introduced the film to the press.


On that day, actor Ji Chang Wook said, ‘’I was a gamer since I was young so I didn’t have to work on this aspect. The scenes we shot in the PC room were familiar to me so I thought I wouldn’t have to train either.’’


‘Fabricated City’ is a crime action movie that follows a man who was suddenly fabricated into a murderer and, with other members of a game, slowly dig up the truth behind his case before launching a counterattack.


Meanwhile, ‘Fabricated City’ will hit theaters on February 9.



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