Jessi Reveals First Mini Album Tracklist… ‘Honesty and no Fakeness’


[by Ent Team] Jessi’s album tracklist has been revealed.

Jessi published her upcoming first solo mini album to be released on the 13th, ‘Un2verse’ tracklist image today (7th) through her personal SNS account.

This mini album will be Jessi’s first in her 12 years of debuting since 2005 with her own name and will be full of songs of her own personality and color.

From her title song ‘Gucci’ that is full of a declaration of war against online haters to ‘BOING’ that talks about the exhaustion felt by women in everyday life, ‘Pace’ that has lyrics like a monologue talking about fear and facing reality, Jessi’s most personal song ‘Arrived’, to her song ‘SPIRIT ANIMAL’ that is a thanks song to fans, the album has a total of five songs.

Especially, rising trendy hip-hop musician Changmo’s featuring in Boing and rapper Swings’ participation in writing lyrics for this album have become a topic of discussion.

Also, in 2015, she was the runner-up for the first season of ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, full-scale having her name and face known, Jessi has participated in various programs like ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’, ‘High School Rapper’, etc. and always leaves a deep impression. Steadily releasing singles such as ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’, ‘K.B.B.’, ‘Ssenunni’, etc. she has left a strong presence as a female musician.

Meanwhile, Jessi will unveil her first solo mini album ‘Un2verse’ in her 12 years of debuting on the 13th at 6pm through various online music portal sites. (photo by YMC Entertainment)