Jeong Eun Ji’s First Solo Album Keyword Is ‘Reply 1996’


[by Bae Jung Yun] Jeong Eun Ji, who makes her comeback in five years after debut with her first solo album, unveiled a picture gives a clue of the upcoming album.

On April 12 at 9am KST, the picture includes a hint of the first solo album was posted on Apink’s official Facebook page.

From the unveiled picture, a picture of young Jeong Eun Ji from 20 years ago and another picture of Jeong Eun Ji from the present are posing the same gesture at the same place. When she was young, she had the same cute look and facial expression. Her dream to become a singer since she was young came true and her story is touching people’s heart.

From the picture from 20 years ago, there was a date ‘October 6th, 1996’ printed on the picture. She completed a healing music by making her solo album after visiting her memorable place.

Previously, she achieved recognition by composing and writing lyrics of Apink’s fan song ‘Promise U’. Her participation in making her solo debut title song is much anticipated by her fans.

Meanwhile, Jeong Eun Ji’s first solo album, which includes her dream and hope, will be released on April 18. (photo by PlanA Entertainment)