Jay Park unveils his new album Worldwide



Hiphop artist Jay Park has finally taken the veil off of his new album.  On the 5th at 12 noon, Jay Park’s album Worldwide which has been gaining a lot of attention and interest, was released for sale.

On the 4th while live hosting Naver’s V, Jay Park shared his teaser video and shared the track list on a whim, kicking off the public release.  On the broadcast he said “This album means a lot to me. I hope when you listen to it you really feel it and it makes you think for a long time.”

This album has a lot of love and feeling in it. Jay Park’s Wordwide features: Simon Dominic of Illionaire Records, HighGrnd, Amoeba Culture, and Hi-Lite Records.  It features 27 various artists, from some of the best hip hop labels in the country.  With 18 tracks, even before its release it has generated a lot of interest.

Furthermore, on the 4th, via his youtube page and music site he released a teaser video of his title track You Know featuring Okasian.  In the video you can see Jay Park and HyunA dancing in rhythm with each other, stirring much interest and anticipation.  The entire album was released today at noon along with the full music video of You Know featuring Okasian.

Article by Han Jihee of GET IT K, Pictures from AOMG

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