Jay Park Muk-bang on the set of Han-Yu-Xing-Dong-Tai


Han-Yu-Xing-Dong-Tai (韩娱星动态, 한위싱동타이) is a Chinese entertainment show about Korean celebrities. Shanghai Media Group broadcasts Han-Yu-Xing-Dong-Tai to over 300 million Chinese viewers. It is produced by Kim Yeongik and hosted by Play J.

On November 16th in Cafe Dudart in Gangnam, Seoul, Play J interviewed pop star Jay Park.

On November 5th Jay Park released his new album Worldwide which contains the single You Know (feat. Okasian). You Know has received a lot of attention for having Hyuna in the music video. On this day Jay Park and MC Play J, enjoyed a friendly Muk-bang(eating broadcast) together while Jay Park fielded various questions.

Han-Yu-Xing-Dong-Tai is broadcast every Sunday at 9:30pm on local channels, as we as on Naver TVCast.


‘what’s up!’

Head of AOMG Jay Park appears


Are we doing a Muk-bang today?

Even though I didn’t eat a lot, I enjoyed what I ate.


Taking a proof photo with Han-Yu-Xing-Dong-Tai’s MC Play J!


They took care of feeding each other too

Time for the honey eating part of the Mukbang


Please enjoy my new album Worldwide!

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