JANG HYUK, is he a GOOD guy or a BAD guy? [A Beautiful Mind]


The first and second episode of KBS new drama ‘A Beautiful Mind’ will air tonight. Jang Hyuk, the leading actor, becomes Lee Yeongo, a suspicious doctor in the drama. And, the kind of doctor he’s playing is unprecedented.

Jang Hyuk plays the role of a doctor who has no feeling. This is very unusual because good doctors should be able to sympathize with their patient.

Even when there is an emergency patient, he doesn’t dare to take a look at him. He just says calmly, “Do I ‘have’ to? This is not my workplace.”

This kind of his action will definitely shock many viewers. But, how he ends up having this personality is something that is to be mentioned later.

Don’t miss out on the first and second episode tonight!

[A Beautiful Mind]

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