Jang Dong-gun and Cast of V.I.P Put The Public First


[photos by Baek Sooyeon] Jang Dong-gun talked about not being able to attend the Venice Film Festival.

On August 16, the press conference for movie V.I.P was held at Yongsan’s I.Park Mall in Seoul. Actors Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myung-min, Park Heesoon and Lee Jongseok were in attendance alongside director Park Hoonjung.
V.I.P is the only Korean movie to have been invited to this year’s Venice Film Festival. However, they won’t be able to attend this great event due to the release date of the movie. Park Hoonjung explained: “We wanted to attend the festival but the movie will premiere the same day in Korea so we could not organize this trip due to incoordination.”
To which, Jang Dong-gun added, “I am personally very sad that we’re not able to attend Venice Film Festival. It’s even sadder because it was the only Korean movie to be invited this year, but our render-vous with our public comes first, we made a choice.”
Movie V.I.P follows the story of a North Korean VIP (Lee Jongseok) who was brought to Korea under the supervising of the National Intelligence Service and the CIA, namely Park Jaehyuk (Jang Dong-gun), and the fierce battle that they fight alongside detective Chae Yi-do (Kim Myungmin), national security agent Ri Dae-bum (Park Heesoon) and CIA agent Paul (Peter Stormare).
Meanwhile, V.I.P will premiere on August 24.
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