JAEBOK is really mad about EUNHEE flirting with JUNGHEE! [Ms. Perfect]


As we know that Eunhee‘s obsession with Jaebok didn’t start with her husband’s old love, but actually started way back when Jaebok and Junghee first met. It was all about her high school idol.

Today, to get close to him, Eunhee helps him get his job back. And, to separate him from Jaebok, she pays her boss to make her work by night.

Eunhee‘s going way too far. When Jaebok is not home, she throws a party for Junghee to celebrate his reinstatement. When Jaebok sees her family all happy with Eunhee, she becomes very disappointed. And, Jaebok becomes more furious when she sees her hitting on Junghee.

Now that she knows what Eunhee is trying to do with her husband, she will have to take an action. Get ready to shake off the goosebumps!

[Ms. Perfect]

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