IU on September with ‘Flower Bookmark 2’


Queen of music chart, IU, will soon comeback with her new album on September.

According to FAVE entertainment, IU will release her special remake album ‘Flower Bookmark 2’in the middle of this September. The specific date of album releasing is not decided yet.

This album ‘Flower Bookmark 2’ is IU’s remake album for ‘Flower Bookmark’ she released about three years before. The first ‘Flower Bookmark’ contains nostalgic songs with IU’s only specialized color, letting her have a great growth as an artist with high evaluation. As a remake version of the ‘Flower Bookmark’, fans are having high expectation to the upcoming album. Also, as her debut anniversary is on September, this album can be another meaningful gift for those fans.

Meanwhile, IU came back with ‘Palette’ last April, winning ten prizes in numerous music programs. Her other songs such as ‘Through the night’ and ‘Can’t love you anymore’ also helped her to win the jackpot this first half year.

Look forward to listening her heart-attacking voice!

[Image Source : FAVE Entertainment]