IU Makes Comeback on April 21


[by Woorim Ahn] IU publicized her comeback.

On March 17, her agency Loen-Fave Entertainment said, “IU will release her fourth full album on April 21 and meet her fans. Prior to its official release, two pre-release songs will be out on March 24 and April 7.”

Since it took one and half years for her to come back, many fans aroused their expectations. During the hiatus, she poured everything out only for her album, so she will contain her new changes into it. She will also prove her musical growth by producing her album on her own.

The agency said, “Currently, she is working on the last minute work and she will show her broad musical spectrum as she collaborated with many musicians. Please look forward to the well-made album.”

Starting from her pre-release song that will be out on March 24, she will hold pre-release project and count down for her comeback. Those high quality music contents will be glad presents for her fans that have waited for her for a long time.

Meanwhile, IU’s fourth full album will be released on April 21. (photo by Loen-Fave Entertainment)

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