Introduction to the cast of Moorim School, from fresh idols to older stars


The characters on Moorim School are overflowing with individual personality, capturing the interest of viewers.

Moorim School’s first episode will be broadcast January 11th on KBS 2TV, and continue every Monday and Tuesday. Moorim School is written by Kim Hyun-hee and Yang Jina, directed by Kee Soyeon and produced by JS Pictures. Moorim School is attended by various students for reasons as various as the countries they come from.

The show stars four main characters. Lee Hyun-woo Yoon Shi-woo plays an idol who has fallen from grace over night. Lee Hongbin plays Wang Zhi-aang, son of the president of one of China’s greatest companies. Yub Jung played by Alexander Lee Eusebio is a highflying international student. Nadet played by Pop is a mechanical whiz. Choi Ho played by Han Geun-sub wishes to become the school’s top student. Ko Sang-man played by Park Shin-woo, is an older student who could easily be mistaken for a teaching assistant. Donggu played by Han Jong-young takes care of the shows cuteness quota.

The show features, the naturally talented and hard working martial artists Shi-woo and Zhi-aang, who lands on the Moorim School campus one day. Hong Konger Yub Jung, and fellow Thai student Nadet who is a scientific genius with an IQ of 180, team up to create a drone which flies around and spies on campus. Alexander who originated from U-KISS and Pop from the famous Thai idol boy band Rookie BB, play those two characters.

The school is not about having student learn things to acquire certifications and resume filler. Instead it tries to educate this on the importance of the virtues of: truth, loyalty, survival, sacrifice, communication and relationships, in order for them to be able to take a stand when they go out into society and the broader world. This action drama shows the process and transformations of their learning. The show starts on January 11th 2016, and is replacing Oh my Venus onKBS 2TV.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JS Pictures

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