Interview with Do Kyung-soo of EXO on new movie Pure Love


On January 4th the release event was held for the movie Pure Love. The staring cast including Do Kyung-soo, Kim So-hyun, Yeon Joo, David Lee, Joo Da-young, Park Yong-woo, and Park Hae-joon, as well as director Lee Eun-hee were all in attendance.

In the movie Pure Love a letter comes to a radio DJ while he is doing a live broadcast. The letter is from the past, setting the stage for the drama which happens between five friends, in both the past (1991) and the present.

The actor Do Kyung-soo (EXO’s D.O.) plays Beom-sil, a model student with a rough appeal, in 1991. While actor Park Yong-woo plays the adult version, 23 years later in the present / 2014.

When asked about the casting Do Kyung-soo said “I was shocked when I heard that Park Yong-woo was already cast. I thought he looked the part, and that he matched the role of Beom-sil well. I was really happy to hear it.”

I didn’t think that Do Kyung-soo thought that about the casting.” Park Yong-woo joked. “We play the same character, but one of us plays the past version and one of us plays the present version. When I heard I was cast, I started to think about myself and who would be cast for the younger version. They were investigating Kyung-soo at the time. As I got to work with him, I began to love him, and it just worked out. When I think about who is like myself, he is a great match.” Park Yong-woo said. It seemed as if the two also had great chemistry off of set.

The movie Pure Love takes place in 1991 which is before when Do Kyun-soo was even born (January 12, 1993). About this Do Kyung-soo said “Because it was before I was born I don’t honestly know anything about that time.” While shooting the movie, I got to know about 1991 through the clothing, props and music. But instead of trying to portray 1991, I focused more on trying to portray a 16 year old who is experience his first love.”

In the movie Pure Love, Do Kyung-soo and actress Kim So-hyun share an umbrella kiss scene. Do Kyung-soo said “I remember the scene well, but I still haven’t seen the movie yet. So I’m also curious about how it will come out in the movie. But I’m even more curious about how people will think when they see the movie. That scene is really the perfect embodiment of the the idea of first love.”

Kim So-hyun gave her thoughts on the scene saying “I hope everyone sees it as a scene where two people are expressing their feelings toward each other in a beautiful way.”

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Get It K DB

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