‘Immortal Songs’ LOVELYZ, “We were promised 100 million won if we win”


On the upcoming episode of ‘Immortal Songs’, trot singer Jang Yun Jung will appear as the legend.

LOVELYZ\'s Baby Soul, Mijoo, Kei and Sujeong will be competing on the show,

LOVELYZ‘s Baby Soul, MijooKei and Sujeong will be competing on the show, and they say, “The director told us that he’d give each of us 100 million won if we win today.”

Before they start their performance, LOVELYZ says, “(Jang Yun Jung) has been famous since we were young. We’re glad to perform a song that we like. We will show LOVELYZ‘s own color.”

After watching LOVELYZ‘s performance, MC Moon Hee Joon says, “This is why there are so many people who like LOVELYZ.” Navi, who was also a contender on the show, says, “It felt like an innocent yet mature woman.”

[Immortal Songs]

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