Idol Rebooting Project ‘The Unit’


Introducing one of KBS WORLD new entertainment program The Unit. Do you know what The Unit is? The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project is a survival reality show who give a chance to idol group or all the show participant to explore and demonstrate their talent and their charm who never get a chance to be shown on public before. In the end, this program will form 2 groups idol, a female group and male group with 9 members in the each group, and they will compete to each other so they can become “the unit” who will represent Korea!!

A lot of Idol group come to participate and do an audition on the front of 6 senior singers (San E, Hyuna, Hwang Chi-yeol, Rain, Lee Tae-min, Jo Hyun-ah). The participant picked by the audience and the senior singers in total 126 participants. The senior singer will be their mentor while they doing this program.

To pick the winner they will give missions to the participant and each mission always has the benefit of the winner. This program using ranked system so every participant has their own ranking, the ranking will be announced every week when the broadcast aired, so don’t forget to vote your bias or they might be eliminated from the program T.T

This program not just show the stage of the Idol, there will be lots of story behind the stage too, like when they practice, the way they live on the dorm “The Unit”, etc. So make sure you watch this exited program.

The first broadcast already aired on KBS World on December 26th and until now the unit already aired 12th episodes. If you missed the program, don’t worry you still can watch the show on KBS World Youtube Channel ^.^


The Unit aired every Wednesday 23:00, Thurs 10:30 and Re-run every Thursday 05:30, 18:20 (In Korean Standard Time) on KBS WORLD Channel!


Don’t Forget to watch The Unit!!

Dont Forget to give lots vote and support for your Idol and The unit!!

Keep Healthy and Love you all ^^