‘I Live Alone’, Kim Sa-rang, detailed and truthful confession of her ideal type…100% release of truthful glib

(By Ent Team) Kim Sa-rang appears on ‘I Live Alone’.
On the 23rd on the airing of the 210th episode MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, the truthful actress Kim Sa-rang personally reveals in detail her ideal type.
Kim Sa-rang arrived on the Rainbow Live set with her impactful visuals. The ones who were the most welcoming to her arrival were Lee Si-eon and Jun Hyun-moo. The two stated “This person is Daniel Henney to us..” while scrambling for the seat next to her, making everyone laugh.
Especially Kim Sa-rang’s discretion of her ideal type is expected to prick the viewers’ ears. Appearing on an entertainment program for the first time since her debut, she was bombarded with questions by the Rainbow members about her ideal type and opened up about her ideal type that she had kept in her heart. Her straightforward reply ‘I don’t look at outer appearances’ made the set flustered and caused an explosion of curiosity.
In addition, the ‘talk chemistry’ conveyed between Kim Sa-rang and the Rainbow members through the continuous laughter caused by Kim Sa-rang’s stories is raising anticipation.
You can check out Kim Sa-rang’s truthful glib that shocked the Rainbow cast on today’s (23rd) broadcast of ‘I Live Alone’.
Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ is receiving a lot of attention as a leading trendy program that shows the diversified Rainbow single life of stars that live alone. (photo by MBC ‘I Live Alone’)