Hwasang is reunited with her ex-husband [Liver or Die]


The teaser photo for tonight’s episode of ‘Liver or Die’ features Hwasang and her ex-husband Heungman.

Until now, we saw Hwasang as a parasitic sister who lives off of her brother Pungsang and always gets in a fight with her twin sister Jeongsang. We’ll get to see another side of her tonight.

Heungman is barely making ends meet by handing out advertisement flyers in the streets. There was a time when the couple had a lovely marriage, but for some reason, they are divorced now. How come did Hwasang end up in her ex-husband’s house?

Hwasang and Heungman are drinking soju on the floor with some ramen. Later, Hwasang is lying next to Heungman, deep in thought. There must be an untold story behind their past.