Hwang Chi Yeol to Visit His Hometown


[by Woorim Ahn] Hwang Chi Yeol headed off to his hometown Gumi to see his parents in MBC ‘I Live Alone’.

As soon as he got to Gumi Station, he could feel his popularity as many fans rushed to him to take photos. Moreover, when he got on the bus, juniors from his school kept saying hi to him.

On the day, Hwang Chi Yeol’s father will be disclosed who just looks like Hwang Chi Yeol even the characteristics. Since the father is on the curing process of cancer, Hwang Chi Yeol revealed his love for him and became a good son.

While he was having dinner with the family, he revealed the stories that he had when he wasn’t popular and started crying. What was the story?

Meanwhile, ‘Son of Gumi’ Hwang Chi Yeol’s story will air on December 18. (photo by MBC)

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