How to Look Pretty during Fall? Changing Just the Lip Color is OK


[by Kim Minsoo] The point is the lips. Why not try new changes in lip makeup to keep pace with the fast-changing trends.

The first thing you see when you are wearing makeup is your lips. Because of this, a variety of trendy lip makeups are gaining popularity, and just by changing your lip color, it delivers a variety of new images.

Lip makeup that makes women look even prettier. I suggest a way to turn into a beautiful woman through lip color this season as follows.

# Orange Red Color

The orange color that seems to burst fresh juice. Most orange colors are used in spring and summer, and they are mostly portray youthful look. However, the orange red color that will be shown in this F / W season is used as a color to enjoy the sexy and alluring mood.

It is important to first clean the lip line with a concealer and then carefully fill the lips with an attractive orange-red tint. The orange red that is earning popularity among women as a new version of red adds an edge to a sensual makeup look.


If you are a woman who wants to look special to her boyfriend, use orange red color. It creates a clean and bright mood, as well as a glamorous lips at a glance. Especially, the velvet finish texture that melts at the moment of touching the lips spreads on the surface of the lips, creating a natural gradient lip that permeates the flower petal.

Thick yet lightweight spherical elastomer that smooth out the wrinkle lines of the lip a primer. If your hair or eyes are close to brown, it will be perfect.

#Red Color

If you’re a woman, you’ll want to try your lips, which are intense yet sexy once. Red lip is digestible in all skin tones. If you have black skin, you can express healthiness. If your skin is white, you can look good in sexy color image.


Red, a color to keep your eyes on this autumn, complements the coloration of the original color which was difficult to produce vivid color, and it feels more tone-up in order to convey the eye catching color. On top of that it can add an edge to make your lips appear sharper.

It is a sophisticated color that expresses a vivid and mature lip with a captivating tint that can be applied without hesitation or with an urbanistic feel. (photo by bnt news DB, stylenanda 3CE)