How to Dress like Shin Sae Kyeong in ‘Black Knight’ / Olia Pylypenko


Hello, friends! It’s Olia, and I am back with my fashion series, in which I create KBS drama-inspired outfits. This time we are going to look at Shin Sae Kyeong, and one of her characters Jeong Haera from a drama “Black Knight”. I’m not going to lie, all of the actors are dressed beautifully, but Sae Kyeong caught my attention by how effortless, minimalistic, and yet fashionable she looked!

The very first attire is my favorite. It incorporates the essential pieces of clothes each woman should have in her closet. It will make your height appear taller, and your silhouette graceful.

It is really easy to pull off this look, put on a black turtleneck (14$) together with a pair of straight denim blue jeans (39$). You won’t regret getting these two items, as you can match them with anything. The key garment in this outfit is the intense red coat (78$). This color might seem risky, but don’t forget that red is one of the classy colors too! Complete the set by adding black boots (34$), and a cross-body bag of the same color (42$). The perfect combination of colors, and correctly chosen styles of clothes will make you the center of attention.

The second outfit is classy and can be worn almost in all settings: at a party, at a formal event, at a hang out with friends, and even at school/college. It is a great example of noble simplicity.

This character’s romantic aura is displayed by bows and ruffles on her clothes. Although I could not find a dress with bows…I got one with ruffles (22$)! Just like our heroine, I matched it with a coat (44$), a pair of tights (6$), and suede heels (40$) – all in the luxurious black color. Some time ago it was thought that the more stuff you put on yourself, colorful and shiny, the better you will look; however, that era in fashion is over now. Simplicity in style is the way to go!


You know what is the hard part of liking and following Korean fashion? The inability to find all these adorable clothes in your local stores L In fact, it was hard to find a similar outerwear online too! But because this outfit is also simple, I decided to contrast it with a checkered coat.

Here, we once again have our old, but gold black turtleneck (14$) put together with straight denim jeans (29$) with a textured coat on top (70$), black leather handback (18$) and boots (55$). I just realized that another reason why I love the way this character dressed is because I have a similar style; except I am not a big fan of heels, and I usually choose comfort. Well, and I am already tall enough…:D

After analyzing this character, my final remarks are, 1) use classic color patterns, 2) make simplicity your top priority when it comes to putting outfits together, 3) try taking two items (for example, turtleneck/jeans) and matching them with other items in your closet for the maximum number of cute looks! When going shopping remember, sales are your friends.

I hope you like this post and will try making your own outfits in Shin Sae Kyeong’s style right away ^.^ Which outfit did you like the best? Which character would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments~!