How to Create a Baby Face Like Han Jimin-Im Soojung-Lee Nayoung


[by Hwang Sohee] There’s the compliment that makes you happy hearing it, “You look younger than you are”. However, as you age, hearing this compliment also evens out. Especially in the situation in which you look older than you are, you can form a complex about your looks and have a low self-esteem.

Let’s turn a new leaf into a baby face beauty by investigating baby face secrets that will recover your self-esteem with confidence.

You can think of Ha Jimin, Im Soojung, Lee Nayoung and Choi Kanghee as the representative celebrity baby face stars. With their own individual charms, they also show various images with their baby face that looks younger than their actual age, gaining love from the public.

Let’s examine the factors of a baby face that will make your looks even more beautiful and create a charming atmosphere.

In order to be reborn as a baby face, bright and clean skin is the most important. Especially because skin aging starts in the 20s, meticulous care is necessary. Let’s create baby face skin by resolving skin troubles such as wrinkles and freckles that make you look old.

In order to defeat the enemy of baby face – wrinkles, your skin needs proper nutrition. Let’s care for it easily and simply with a massage pack that is full of nutrients. A massage pack can take care of nutrients and moisturizing all at once.

Everyone who has bright and clear skin does not automatically become a baby face. The most important factor of a baby face is generally accepted as the shape face. Let’s make a baby face’s key slender V-line by a face massage that reduces face swelling.

If you continue to press muscles of your jawline from below to above, you can make a V-line. Relaxing the muscles around your jawline and stimulating the cheeks that can make your face look big, will make the swelling go down and have the effect of making a V-line. Especially if you lightly press on your temples, in can remove the waste in surrounding blood vessels and improve your circulation, preventing your face from swelling.

You can create bright skin without swelling through skin care and massage but there is a high possibility that the effects are temporary. Also, it’s hard to correct through massaging alone depending on the face shape and complex. For those who have this type of worry, you can consider facial contour surgery as a solution.

The director of the department in JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in the heart of Seoul Gangnam-gu, Kim Sung Sik (specialist in plastic surgery) stated, “There are many people who are worried because they have a face shape with a square jaw or protruding lower jawbone that makes them look older. For those who have a frame that is hard to solve through care such as massages, consider lightly trimming the face contour in a V-line square jaw surgery as one solution.

Director Kim Sung Sik stated, “When doing a facial contour surgery, if you only aim for a small face, you will end up with an excessively artificial line. In order to prevent this, it is wise to have adequate consultation with a skillful expert and then decide which procedure is best suited for your situation.”

JK Plastic Surgery, which was awarded as the best partner of foreign partner patients in Gangnam-gu, does a one-stop preoperative surveillance system that prioritizes accurate diagnosis and analysis as well as the patient’s current health status. In addition, the hospital’s in-house anesthesiologist is always on site, and a plastic surgeon directly carries out the surgery. Considering the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, they consider the patient’s safety to be the top priority, such as building a CPR (emergency response) team, holding emergency kits, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that can continue operation even during power outages, pain controlled analgesia, and a CRM monitoring system.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)