How Do South Korean Actresses Look Five Years Younger?


[by Kim Yoonjung] It is hard to tell female entertainers’ age. You can say that they really have a thousand faces as they play various roles such as high school students and mothers.

However, actresses look much younger than their actual age when they have no makeup on though they may look older with special makeup making wrinkles on their skin for movies and dramas. In particular, here introduced are the know-hows of actresses to look five years younger through Shin Min Ah, Song Hye Kyo, and Lim Soo Jung, who are famous fora baby face.

>> Song Hye Kyo With Skin Elasticity + Bangs + Full Lips

Song Hye Kyo was born in 1982, and she is going to be in her mid-30s in 2016. However, she has beautiful, elastic skin and full lips, boasting her young-looking beauty. She already has the two conditions to look younger, and she even has bangs, looking even younger. You would believe if I say she is just twenty years old.

Let’s express your skin to look as elastic as possible. It is important to hide blemishes and thoroughly put on your makeup to perfectly cover your skin.

If you want to make your lips full without wrinkles, apply a lip balm or a lip gloss after applying a base color on your lips. Apply it slightly over your upper lips to present fuller lips.

>> Shin Min Ah With Gloss + Blusher

Actress Shim Min Ah has attractive dimples on both cheeks. She is also in her early 30s, but she acts as a high school student in ‘Oh My Venus’, a drama on KBS2, without any awkward feeling.

Thanks to her soft skin with rosy cheeks, her skin is expressed like that of a baby. And, she directed cheeks like an apple, completing cheerful, lively impression. You can look younger by applying a blusher in coral or red color roundly on your cheeks right under your eyes.

>> Lim Soo Jung With Bob Hair

Is there another female entertainer in South Korea that represents a young-looking face like Lim Soo Jung? Her chubby cheeks, plumped lips, and round eyes seem to make the perfect condition for a young look.

Another element is her bob hairstyle. Long hair gives a feminine and mature feeling, but bob hair is proper for making an image of a freshman. Especially, how about having a baby face in the new year by having your long hair cut?

>> Items For Young-Looking Face Recommended By Editor

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02. O HUI Second Skin Sheer Base A pink-colored primer containing fine pearls that make your skin glossy.

03. Editor’s pick! Chosungah 22 Bounce Up Pact Master A product that is applied on your skin as if it melts, smoothly covering your skin. It has strong points of both powder and foundation, finishing your skin to be moist inside and velvety outside.

04. LANCOME Blush Subtil 03 Peau-de-Peche This blusher with silk-like soft texture makes your skin tone lively and bright.

(photo by the official Websites of Laneige, O Hui, Chosungah 22, and Lancome, bntnews DB)