Honeymoon all over again for Lee Hwee Jae & Moon Jung Won! [Battle Trip]


Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the program, the 3 MCs, Lee Hwee Jae, Kim Sook, and Sung Si Kyung, and their three travel buddies, Moon Jung Won, Lee Seyoung, and Kim Johan travel to islands in Korea recommended by celebrities.

Lee Hwee Jae and Moon Jung Won travel to Tongyeong and Geoje, Kim Sook and Lee Seyounggo to Dangjin, and Sung Si Kyung and Kim Johan head to Yeosu.

Among them, Lee Hwee Jae and Moon Jung Won look like a newlywed couple on their honeymoon.

For their first activity, they go to a shooting range in Changwon that uses live bullets.

They also try a romantic sunset yacht tour. Moon Jung Won excitedly says, “It’s better than our honeymoon.”

Check out Korea’s beautiful islands this weekend!

[Battle Trip]

Showtime : Sun 18:00 | Re-run : Mon 00:35, 09:35, Tue 15:05, Thu 06:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)