HiNi Releases Winter Song


[by Ent Team] HiNi revealed a new single that perfectly translates the magic of winter.

Vocalist HiNi and her marvelous voice released digital single ‘Just like this’ (literal translation) on January 20.

The song highlights the real farewell: that strange feeling of adapting to being alone when the loved one left. Her voice sounds deeply dramatic as it melts with the beautiful piano of pianist Han Choong Wan.

This song is not that new actually: it was made five years ago, in a training room, with Shin Cho I of Voice of Korea.

HiNi was involved into the writing process as she wanted to pour her real feelings into the song. She said that “It’s a song that you should listen as you discover the cold ambiance of winter or when you feel sentimental.”

Meanwhile, HiNi is a female vocalist who already won Korea’s heart with her OST for drama ‘Reply 1994’. (photo by Let it be)

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