Highlight Teases Pre-release Song ‘It’s Still Beautiful’


[by Woorim Ahn] Highlight’s pre-release song ‘It’s Still Beautiful’ disclosed a teaser video.

On March 10, the group’s agency Aroundus Entertainment raised the fans’ expectations for the group’s comeback as it disclosed teaser video of ‘It’s Still Beautiful’ of its first mini album ‘Can You Feel It?’.

In the video, the five members implied to draw five different stories melted in the music video. Moreover, it aroused the audiences’ curiosity how the stories will go on with beautiful lyrics.

Particularly, strong piano melody and lyrics saying “everything was beautiful that I was with you” harmonized in Yang Yosub’s charming and sorrowful voice to make a beautiful ballad song.

Meanwhile, Highlight will release ‘Can You Feel It’ on March 20. (photo by Aroundus Entertainment)

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