‘Hello’ Shin Dongyeop “I want to hear my brother’s voice.” [Hello, Counselor]


MC Dongyeop tells the heartbreaking story of his brother who is hearing-impaired.

On the previous episode of ‘Hello, Counselor,’ a middle school student with a grandpa voiceappeared. He said, “I’ve had this voice since I was young. My voice is hoarse and husky. Even my friends ignore me. Whenever I say something, they yell, ‘Be quiet! We don’t want to hear your voice!’” When he was one year old, he was diagnosed with blood cancer and received treatment. His voice has been that way since he got the airway intubation.

The protagonist said, “The doctor says vocal cord surgery is dangerous and won’t be effective either.” It is a burden he has to carry for the rest of his life. He has difficulties in his school life because his friends constantly tease him, and he is worried it might affect his career in the future.

The protagonist’s older brother was also on the show, and he said, “I’m used to my brother’s voice, so it doesn’t sound strange to me at all, but my friends sometimes ask me if he has an impairment. I used to beat them up a lot. I can do anything for my little brother.”

Then MC Shin Dongyeop shared the story of his family. He said, My big brother lost his hearingafter going through a serious illness when he was young. Since he can’t hear, he couldn’t learn to speak. I always wondered how his voice would sound if he could speak.”

He continued, “My brother is really handsome. I thought how awesome his voice would sound if he spoke with such a good-looking face.” Dongyeop could really relate to the pain of the protagonist and his family.

[Hello, Counselor]        

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