‘Hello’ Even the MCs turn against the shameless father! [Hello, Counselor]


Actress Kim Jeonghwa, Lee Hongki and Choi Minhwan of F.T. Island, and singer Han Donggeun made appearance on the last episode.

The show featured a woman in her 20’s that lives a dramatic life because of her alcoholic father. She said, “I am anxious every day, then angry, then my heart sinks. It’s because of my dad! He always gets hurt whenever he drinks alcohol. Even though he’s all bloody, he claims that it’s not because of alcohol. Please stop him.”

The audience was shocked to see the picture of him covered with blood. The father, however, said that he doesn’t remember it and that it’s okay to get hurt since he can’t live without alcohol.

When asked who he drinks so much with every day, he said that he belongs to seven high school alumni groups, neighborhood gathering, company gathering, national marine gathering, Busan gathering, alpine club and golf club. And he was so proud of it!

Even when his wife was taken to the ER because of hyper-respiratory syndrome, he started drinking two days later. MC Shin Dongyeop shook his head in disbelief. Showing no sign of shame, the father said that nothing would’ve changed even if he had stayed with his wife. Everyone was speechless.

The daughter said that unless her father changes for the better, she would treat him like a stranger even if he comes home badly injured. Nevertheless, the father refused to back down. The daughter broke into tears, and Lee Yeongja tried to console her and said that her father is not in his right mind.

Choi Minhwan suggested that the father should open up and approach the children first. Kim Jeonghwa also added that he should try to be a friendly father to his daughter.

[Hello, Counselor]

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