‘Hello’ a 15-year-old boy dreams of becoming a farmer! [Hello, Counselor]


Today’s ‘Hello, Counselor’ features a mother with a 15-year-old son.

She’s worried about her son because he is only interested in farming, and not studying. She says, “We live with my parents-in-law. I think he learned farming techniques from them.”

However, Shin Dong, one of today’s guests, compliments on him by saying, “Many of my friends are still jobless. They don’t even try to look for what to do. I think it’s amazing how a 15-year-old has such a big dream.”

When the son finally gets the chance to introduce himself, he says, “As I helped my grandparents with their work, I started to enjoy farming.” He also explains how thankful it is when the time of harvesting comes.

He doesn’t agree with her mother who thinks farming has no future. He says he wants to try hard to boost the agricultural industry.

This young man has another hobby, too. He likes to sing trot songs. When he starts singing in his enchanting voice, Shin Dong is amazed. He even says he wants to scout him!

Will his mother wash down her worry? Let’s find out today!

[Hello, Counselor]

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