Heize Drops the Track List of Her New Mini EP


[by Woorim Ahn] Heize disclosed her mini album’s track list.

On July 13 at midnight, she released the track list of her mini album ‘And July’ and started her comeback countdown.

In the track list, a total of six songs are displayed such as ‘Shut Up & Groove’, ‘And July’, ‘Don’t Come Back’, ‘Underwater’, ‘No Way’, ‘Skit: Rainy Day’. Particularly, Heize raised the fans’ anticipations as she got to work with DEAN once again through ‘And July’.

Moreover, Heize will show off as a singer-songwriter as she participates in producing and writing songs in her mini album. She will also hold a unique event for fans that she gathers them at a place and let them listen to her new songs.

Meanwhile, Heize’s new mini album ‘And July’ will be available from July 18 at midnight. (photo by Heize Official Instagram)

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