‘Heart Signal’ Shindong, “Lee Teuk is like a multi-tap”


[by Woorim Ahn] Shindong used Lee Teuk. 

On the upcoming episode of Channel A ‘Heart Signal’, Super Junior Shindong mentioned Lee Teuk as a multi-tap and caught the other casts’ attention. 

During filming the episode, lawyer Jang Chun began to catch fangirls’ hearts by making cake and writing letters, lyricists Kim Yina said, “Jang Chun is a nice person like a multi-tap. Since he is good to everyone, he will make all the girls’ hearts fluttered.”

Shindong continued, “I think I’m that kind of type.” Then, Lee Sang Min said, “Isn’t that Lee Teuk, not you?” and Shindong added, “Yes, I agree” and made everyone laugh. 

Meanwhile, ‘Heart Signal’ airs on Fridays. (photo by Channel A)

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