“Having Perfect MakeUp All Day Long Like Han Ye-Seul, Jang Na-ra, and Hani?” Back To Basics


[by Song Eunji] The makeup of stars is always perfectly maintained even during the long shooting hours.

If you want to have that perfect makeup, you need to focus your attention on ‘the basics.’ Don’t forget that the adhesion, whole completion, and durability of your makeup vary depending on  your base makeup method.

If you want to know the base makeup knowhow to keep your  look long-lasting throughout the day, pay attention on this article. Some knowhows for a perfect makeup from skincare to makeup will be introduced.

STEP 1 Skincare, Cover Your Skin With a Firm Moisturizing Film

Since it’s inconvenient, many women neglect the skincare before wearing a makeup. However, don’t forget that  your makeup is only completed with  skincare process.

In  general, a skincare is done with at least two or three steps including applying a toner, essence, and moisturizing cream. If you do not have sufficient time or if you feel that skincare is a burden, reduce the process and  use only a moisturizing cream but choose the correct one. In order to have a cream that is perfectly absorbed, pick a moisturizing cream like Sheep Oil Cream that plentifully nourish the skin with a  fresh texture.

STEP 2 Make Your Skin Smooth

After covering your skin with a firm moisturizing film, it’s the time to make your skin as smooth as a porcelain by filling broad pores and covering bumps. Use a moisture-rich primer  to even your skin texture.

After that, thinly apply a makeup base all over your face for a moisturized and bright complexion. The makeup base will improve your skin tone, increase the adhesion of the foundation, and enhance the completion of your makeup.

STEP 3 Make Your Skin Glossy Without Flaws

The last step of a base makeup is to correctly cover the flaws. Take an appropriate quantity of a liquid foundation on a puff soaked in a mist and pat it on your entire face to cover the flaws. In this way, you can apply the foundation more thinly and evenly than when you use your hands or a brush. Even the adhesion of the foundation is improved. If you have any dark spots that are not covered with your foundation, partially use a concealer. Then, in order to increase the durability of your makeup, thinly apply a loose powder on your T-zone.

Items Recommended By Beauty Editor For a Perfect Base Makeup

This fresh moisture cream contains natural lanolin that are extracted from young wool and eight berry ingredients for a complex skincare  from moisturizing, nourishing, skin brightening, and antioxidation. You can build a firm moisturizing film on your face even if you use it right before the makeup thanks to its  abundant nutrients  and fresh feeling.

02 Benefit the POREfessional
This transparent and light liquid primer  applies smoothly on your skin. It makes your skin texture smooth by taking care of your bumps, large pores, and fine wrinkles.

A moisture-riche makeup base made from of herbal ingredients. Its light fluid perfectly adheres  on your skin  to relieve the traces of fatigue.

04 ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
A liquid foundation that perfectly covers your skin. Your makeup is maintained all day long thanks to its comfortable feeling.

05 GUERLAIN Les Voilettes Translucent Loose Powder
This loose powder will help you have a perfect makeup finish. It improves your skin’s luminosity without traces, making your makeup long lasting and glossy. (photo by Kicho, Benefit, Dior, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, bntnews DB)

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