‘Happy’ Yoon Siyoon, “I can do anything for my girlfriend.” [Happy Together]


Actor Yoon Siyoon reveals what kind of boyfriend he is.

The upcoming episode of ‘Happy Together‘ features part 2 of the drama ‘The Best Hit‘ cast special. Yoon Siyoon reveals a shocking anecdote about his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, he is a pure romanticist. In the past, he drove back and forth between Seoul and Busan for his girlfriend. His girlfriend liked pork and rice soup a lot. She said she missed the taste from Busan, so Siyoon drove all the way to Busan to have the soup taken out just so that she could eat it.

However, Siyoon warns against doing what he did because his girlfriend would get scared instead of being touched. He even says that he asked a friend traveling in Japan to buy a special cake for his girlfriend.

Siyoon goes on to say, “It’s not limited to relationships. When I make up my mind to do something, I tend to lose my ability to reason entirely.

Stay tuned for more anecdotes about how Siyoon terrified his ex-girlfriend!

[Happy Together]

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