‘Happy’ Wanna One’s darkest history is…? [Happy Together]


Wanna One members reveal funny & sad pre-debut stories that are beyond imagination!

On tonight’s episode of ‘Happy Together,’ part 2 of Wanna One Special, starring Kang DanielPark JihoonOng SeongwuYoon Jisung, and Hwang Minhyun.

Yoon Jisung, who trained the longest among the members, talks about his darkest time: “I lived in a semi-basement for 7 years of training. I thought ‘Produce 101’ was my last chance. I had even gotten my enlistment date.” He continues, “I even saw fruit flies being hatched.”

Ong Seongwu reveals his illustrious career as a part-timer. He was a fitting model for an online shopping mall, a wedding model, hair model, etc. His weird fashion styles from his fitting model period is one of his darkest histories. He says, “The owner of the shopping mall was clueless about fashion, and he made me wear those outfits. He also asked for weird poses. He kept telling me to spread my legs.” He even demonstrated his funny poses!

[Happy Together]

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