‘Happy’ Lee Elijah reveals the behind-the-scenes story about her kiss scene with Park Seojun. [Happy Together]


Actress Lee Elijah, who played Hyeran in ‘Fight for My Way,’ talks about the kiss scene with ParkSeojun.

About the kiss scene, Lee Elijah says, “Seojun and I tried our best. There were a lot of NGs though.” She gets envied by all the female guests.

When asked if she has been asked out by more than 5 celebrities, she frankly says “yes.”

Tonight’s episode of ‘Happy Together’ will reproduce the legendary variety show ‘Star Golden Bell‘ starring Kim Yeonja, Park Junkyu, Choi Hyunwoo, Lee Heejin, Jeong Dahye, Lee Elijah, SunmiLizzySHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, Snuper’s Woosung, GFRIEND’s Yerin, Cosmic Girls’Dayoung, GUGUDAN’s Mina, and Samuel.

[Happy Together]

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