‘Happy’ Han Hyejin had a feud with Australian model Miranda Kerr?


On tonight’s episode of ‘Happy Together,’ actress Cho YeojeongPark Hana, comedian Lee Suji, and model Han Hyejin will make appearance.

Top model Han Hyejin shares a story of modeling in New York. She had a little “incident” with Miranda Kerr at the backstage of 2006 New York collection. She says, “Miranda and I were on the same level, we were both new.” The MCs are surprised to hear her say Miranda Kerr’s name in such a familiar way. Hyejin says nonchalantly, “Oh, she was nothing back then.”

Hyejin continues her story. Miranda had brought her dog to the fashion show! You are never supposed to do that, but she carried her dog secretly in the bag. Hyejin thought, “Has she gone mad?!”

Then the incident happened. Miranda’s clothes rack was right next to Hyejin’sMiranda’s dog ripped Hyejin’s dress, which she was supposed to wear for the runway! Nevertheless, Hyejin kept her calm and didn’t flip out because the dog was just so tiny and cute.

After all, Hyejin just put on the ripped dress, but the designer never noticed.

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