‘Happy’ EXID Hani, “I had a crush on triathlon medalist Heo Minho!” [Happy Together]


On ‘Happy Together’ today, EXID Hani talks about her love story. She liked someone very special!

While talking about her childhood, she says, “I did triathlon when I was in elementary school. And, I had a crush on another athlete.”

She continues, “He was playing soccer that day. And, his ball hit straight at me. I still have the scar here. He was so worried it might be too detrimental to a girl. He said that he’d marry me if I can’t get married. I fell for him when he said that.”

She also adds, “He’s a national triathlon athlete now. He joined the Olympics, too. He’s Heo Minho.”

Are you all ready to listen to Hani‘s cute love story?

[Happy Together]

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