Han Hye Jin-BoA-Seolhyun, What Are Spring Fashion at Official Events?


[by Kim Min Soo] Recently, the female celebrities made the news by celebrating their new season with spring filled styling.

On February 28, top stars appeared at a fashion brand event held at Shinsegae Department Store in Banpo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Among them, BoA, Han Hye Jin, and Seolhyun, attracted attention with their colorful styling and presented various moods.

We took a closer look at the spring fashion points they were boasting.


Hallyu star BoA, appealed her lovely charm. She gathered attention by wearing dress with flower and cute heart patterns. Here, she added a pink mini cross-back that matched the overall style and completed a fresh spring fashion.

[Editor Pick] No item can express the spring better than a one-piece dress. Especially, a basic off-shoulder dress design can produce a completed romantic style and can bring out a youthful mood at the same time.

#Han Hye Jin

Model Han Hye Jin showed off her beauty by choosing a dress with brilliant colors. She stood in front of the photo wall, in her model force as it was, and owned the chic, elegant long dress flawlessly.

[Editor Pick] As the new season begins, let’s take advantage of the light and bright colors, away from the heavy and dull achromatic colors. Styling a bit more rhythmic and refined is a great opportunity to appeal your fashionable senses. The combination of a striped long dress and a black outer can achieve more sensuous styling.


On the other hand, AOA member Seolhyun appeared with A line long one piece look which boasted her femininity. In addition, the red color point of the dress adds a luxurious charm and a mature mood.

[Editor Pick] If you want to show off your femininity, we recommend the White Dress. You will be able to express the extreme of the feminine mood as it is a color that gives a simple yet bright image and is the easiest item to wear. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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