Hallyeohaesang National Park (Tongyeong) (한려해상국립공원-통영)

Hallyeohaesang Natio...
Hallyeohaesang National Park
Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park (한려해상국립공원) covers Gyeongsangnam-do Province’s Sacheon, Geoje, Tongyeong, Hadong and Namhae, and Jeonnam Province’s Yeosu. The 510,323㎢-wide sea park encompasses Dadohae Islets, Bijindo Island and Haegeumgang. The Donam Complex in Tongyeong is being developed as a world-class marine tourist attraction.

On Hansando Island there are many historical sites dedicated or related to the great Admiral Sunsin Yi such as battlefields where the Admiral defeated Japanese naval forces. Other sites include those related to the Imjinwaeran War such as Jeseungdang, Chungryeolsa and the turtle lighthouse. The Sanyang Road is a great driving course along which you can look around the entire Mireukdo Island and appreciate the scenery. From Dalma Park you can enjoy the great view of Dadohae Islets. Major attractions include Hansando Island (main island), Bijindo Island and Maemuldo Islands; the latter two are often said to be the focal point of this scenic sea park.

Hallyeohaesang National Park Eastern Office
+82-55-640-2400 (Hallyeohaesang National Park Dongbu office) / +82-55-644-9202 (Hansan Annex)
Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
* Habitat of colony of camellia at Hakdong-ri (학동리) – 48,161㎡, until 2026
* Habitat of Korean winter hazel at Ssoksaebatgol (쏙새밭골) – 11,700㎡, until 2027
Natural Preservation Period (closed to public)
Seasonal Forest Fire Caution Period
February 15 – April 30, 2014
※ TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, precipitation levels, and other local conditions.
Restricted Mountain Areas
● Dumo Valley (두모계곡) – Busoam (부소암)
● Noryang Park (노량공원) – The top of Sanseongsan Mountain (산성상정상)
● Wolgok (월곡) – Chamyeon (차면)
Areas Open to the Public
● The entrance of Geumsan (금산입구) – The top of Geumsan (정상)
● Neukdo Parking Lot (늑도주차장) – Keunseomsan (큰섬산)
● Bokgok Parking Lot 2 (본곡제2주차장) – Sangsaam (상사암) – Ssanghongmun (쌍홍문)
● The entrance of Geumsan (금산입구) – The entrance of Geumsan (금산입구)
● Busoam (부소암) – Itaejogidan (이태조 기당)
● Choyang Rest Area (초양휴게소) – Choyang Island (초양도)
● Iraksa Temple Entrance (이락사입구) – Observatory (전망대)
● Nodo Maeul (노도마을) – Gimmanjungyuheoji (김만중유허지)
Tour Course Information
* Ferry Course: Tongyeong (통영) – Jeseungdang (제승당) – Somaemuldo Island (소매물도)
3 hrs 10 min
-High season 09:00~16:00 / Low season 10:00~16:00 (winter)
-Inquiries: +82-55-646-2307
Parking Facilities
[S] 2,000 won / [M] 4,000 – 5,000 won / [L] 6,000 – 7,500 won
※ Free: Regular shuttle buses (Not including monthly parking leasers)
Facility Utilization Fees
* Ferry fares (Round-trip) :
Adults 9,000 won ~ 23,000 won / Children 5,000 won ~ 15,000 won
Take a bus from Seoul’s Nambu Bus Terminal to Tongyeong, which runs from 08:00 to 23:30 each day. The journey takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. Or take a bus from Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal to Tongyeong, which is available from 07:10 to 24:30 each day. Travel time is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

At Tongyeong Terminal take bus No.39 and get off at Dalma Park.

Local Tourism Information Bureau