Great Items as Gifts for May, the Family Month


[by Hwang Yeon Do] In May called the queen of seasons, on top of the wedding season, there are all sorts of anniversaries like Parents’ Day and Teacher’s Day, which means large expenditures.

Even though aiming to express the gratitude to precious people, it would not be easy for office workers with monthly paychecks to deal with the season with the increased expenditures. Are there any touching gifts for reasonable costs?

It has been prepared for you who saved your face with stale gifts in every anniversary. Why don’t you touch the heart of your beloved people with sensible gifts for practicality and prices in this month of family?

# Health Juice Great for Skin and Taste

As health juice could be simply taken for the effectiveness of vegetables & fruits for more reasonable prices than herbal medicine, it is a great gift item for the elderly like parents and teacher. As health juice with high purchase rate, there are black garlic juice and cabbage juice.

Enough to be known as a tonic to recover physical strength and energy, black garlic juice is excellent at fatigue recovery while the sulfur compound of black garlic gives elasticity to skin. Black garlic juice is popular as it has no unique smell of garlic with great taste. Owing to the high Vitamin C content, cabbage juice is excellent at skin beauty and also the improvement of gastric diseases & immunity. As it is filled with plentiful dietary fibers and great effectiveness on breast cancer, it is a perfect gift for women.

# Limited Edition Beauty Kit with High Scarcity

Owing the scarcity like ‘it cannot be obtained when the timing is missed’, limited edition products always attract the public attention. The greatness of a gift must be the joy when opening it. If beauty products in your preference appear throughout the whole moment of opening the limited edition kit, the joy will be doubled. Why don’t you prepare for a special gift with a limited edition beauty products kit composed of great items?

Innnisfree’s ‘Jeju Scent Picker Blue Collection’ is a collection product in limited edition for May in every year. As it is composed of products like soap, candle, and diffuser presenting the vivid scent of Jeju, it is a great gift item for everyone regardless of age and gender.

L’OCCITANE’s ‘Floral Hand Cream Bouquet’ was created by collaboration with Nanan, the first window painter of Korea. As it is composed of total four-types of hand cream, it would be a sensible gift.

# Air Cleaning Plants Considering Fine Dust

With the recently increased fine dust, the public interest in air quality is increased. So products that could reduce fine dust like air cleaner and vacuum are selling like hot cakes. However, they are pretty expensive for a gift.

There s a gift item for excellent air purification, aesthetic effect, and emotional stability with no additional maintenance cost. It is the air cleaning plant. Why don’t you give a meaningful gift with a plant that looks good with the effect of blocking fine dust?

As representative air cleaning plants, there are fiddle leaf fig tree and epipremnum aureum. First, fiddle leaf fig tree makes air fresh, releases anions, and also blocks electromagnetic waves. Owing to its large and charming leaves, it also has a great interior design effect. Epipremnum aureum has excellent abilities to absorb fine dust and also to remove all sorts of harmful substances. As it could be well-grown anytime and anywhere with no direct sunlight, it is a perfect gift item. (photo by bntnews DB, Han Flower, Innisfree, L’OCCITANE)