‘Greasy Hair + Smeared Makeup’ Solve It with One Powder


[by Lim Miae] As the weather gets warmer and humidity gets higher, the worries about the skin moisture and oil levels deepen.

Even when we wash our hair in the morning, it gets greasy and oily by the evening and our makeup smears almost instantly. As we put on more products to fix our ruined makeup, our skin feels unbreathable due to multiple layers of makeup residue.

If you want to keep a refreshing feeling for 24 hours in the coming summer, concentrate on powders. We have gathered few ways to balance moisture and oil levels from your scalp to skin using powders.

Powder Usage 1. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is made with the concept of spraying fine powder to control sebum on the scalp and hair. This method works because the mattifying powders are absorbed by the sebum, so you can expect same effects from using makeup powders instead of dry shampoos.

First, apply the powder to the scalp and the hair following the existing hair parts, then change the parts around to apply the powder thoroughly. Wait until the sebum is absorbed, then shake off the white powder. The damp and greasy hair will turn soft and dry.

However, just like dry shampoo, it is not good for your scalp to leave the powder on for a long time. So make sure to wash your hair when you get home.

Powder Usage 2. Makeup fixer

During high-humidity seasons, the makeup tends to get ruined much easier no matter how much you build it strongly from the base.

When sweat and sebum secretion increases, even the pores that were covered with painstaking efforts becomes visible again quickly. Since there are more fine wrinkles around the eye area, the skin rubs against each other and make it easier for the makeup to get smeared. Sometimes the shadows and eyeliners get completely erased by the evening.

In this case, the item you need is powder. A fine powder will hold the sebum in the pores perfectly and prevent the makeup from collapsing. After the eye makeup, apply a small amount of powder to the cotton swab and lightly dab it on to the outer corners of the eyes and it will prevent the shadows and liners from smearing.

You can maintain your flawless skin makeup for a long time by applying the powder at the final stage. But, too much powder and dry out our skin to enhance the fine lines so make sure to use in moderation.

Secret to keeping your style for 24 hours!

There are many powders that are effective in absorbing and controlling the sebum, but it is rare to find items that retain the bright and smooth feelings for a long time. Innisfree ‘No sebum X Emoji Mineral Powder’ can be used to correct cakey makeup and dull skin complexions, and the Jeju’s natural minerals and mint ingredients keep your skin feeling refreshed all day.

The package also comes in eye-catching designs that have never been seen before. The emoji edition consists of eleven various expressions such as smiley face, crying face and more. The 1+1 event will be held until April 15th, and the No sebum lecture will be open to anyone who uses the powder for the first time.

Shu Uemura ‘Stage Performer Invisible Powder’ creates flawless skin texture so you wouldn’t need Photoshop or filters to smooth anything out. It is translucent powder and it comes with a soft fluffy puff for perfect application. If you are in a mood for bright makeup look, try using an item that contains fine pearls like Jung Saem Mool ‘Essential Powder Illuminator’. (photo by bntnews DB, Innisfree, Shu Uemura, Jung Saem Mool)

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