Go Joon Hee-Song Ji Hyo-Sulhyun, Close Examination Of Perfect Celebrity ‘Airport Styles’


[by Song Eun Ji] ‘Airport’ is one of the main places to see the normal everyday styles of celebrities.

Celebrities portray stylish airport fashion styles that are comfortable for their long flight but also unique. The airport styles of female celebrities that vary from casual to classic looks especially receive a lot of attention.

Pay attention if you are curious about the airport styles of issue-making female celebrities. We examined their airport styles closely, from their fashion to their makeup.

Airport Fashion :: Comfortable But Edgy

The keypoint to celebrity airport fashion is ‘comfort’. Matching a simple t-shirt and comfortable pants is one of the most preferred airport looks of celebrities. Go Joon Hee, Hyeri and Song Ji Hyo each respectively added outers such as a trench coat, blouson, and a camouflage patterned cardigan to add a stylish touch.

On the other hand, the classic styles of Sulhyun and Seohyun have also received attention. Sulhyun wore a simple burgundy colored dress. Seohyun wore a jacket and skirt, both with plaid patterns, along with a beret to create a girlish look in her classic outfit.

If you wish to create a fashion style that is as comfortable and stylish as celebrities, focus on emphasizing a ‘point’. Although it is good to use unique designs, it is possible to create point styling simply through a pattern or color as well.

Airport Makeup :: Add A Natural ‘Point’

Celebrities who appear at airports generally choose to express natural makeup. If they choose to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, celebrities choose to express clean glowing skin with a pink or red colorful lip as the keypoint of the makeup look.

If their eyes are exposed like Son Na Eun, AOA Hyejung, and Seohyun of Girl’s Generation a thin eye line is drawn. When drawing the eye line, the keypoint is to create defined eyes without applying too much. After drawing the eye line, these stars also expressed glossy skin and added color to their lips to create a natural and vivacious makeup look.

Celebrity Airport Makeup, Can We Imitate It In Our Daily Makeup?

In addition to the fact that the air inside an airplane is dry, the change of seasons creates an air drier than you may imagine. If you wish to portray makeup that does not ruin even in dry air, it is important to focus on the skin base. Create a firm moisture layer thorough skin care so that the adherence of your makeup, as well as the length of time that it lasts, can be increased.

If you feel that multiple stages of skin care are a hassle, try using a mask pack. Leave the mask pack on the face for 15 to 20 minutes then start your makeup after removing it. Use a liquid or cushion type foundation to thinly cover the skin in order to create naturally glowing skin.

Then, use a gel-type eyeliner to fill in the spaces between each eyelash to draw a thin eye line. It is good to draw the line according to the shape of your eye and extending the wing only a little bit so that it does not appear too thick. Then complete the look by using a glossy lipstick or tint to add vitality to the lips.

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