GFRIEND to kick off 2019 ASIA TOUR


On May 18 and 19, GFRIEND will hold ‘GFRIEND 2019 ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] in Seoul’.

After that, GFRIEND will go on an Asia tour in the following 9 regions: Kuala Lumpur on June 29, Singapore on July 20, Bangkok on July 27, Hong Kong on August 3, Jakarta on August 23, Manila on August 25, Taiwan on August 31, and Yokohama on November 17.

GFRIEND successfully wrapped up their first solo concert ‘Season of GFRIEND’ in January and toured Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Tokyo and Osaka.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND released their third single album ‘FLOWER’ in Japan on March 13 .

[Image source: Source Music]