GEUMBI, “I will live with Mom!” [My Fair Lady]


Geumbi chooses to live with her mother instead of Hwicheol.

“You and Hwicheol are not blood-related.” After Geumbi hears this from her mother, she first denies the reality. As she continuously argues that she’s Mo Geumbi, her mother scolds her, “Why are you so selfish? Do you think Hwicheol will take care of you when you are not even his daughter?” Her words break her tender heart.

Even when Hwicheol calms her down by telling her it’s not true, Geumbi can’t hide her anxiousness. At school, she talks to one of her classmates because her father is a prosecutor. She goes to ask her classmate’s father to let her live together with her father.

But, Geumbi makes an unexpected answer. She murmurs, “I will live with Mother.” What would happen next?

[My Fair Lady]

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